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RADCOFLEX is an Australian-owned and internationally recognised manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of Flexible Hose Assemblies and Expansion Joints, including composite hose, industrial hose, metal hose, metal braided hose, metal bellows, metal expansion joints, fabric expansion joints and rubber joints

Expansion Joints

expansion joints

RADCOFLEX manufactures and supplies a wide range of flexible expansion joints in metal, fabric, rubber and PTFE materials. Wherever pipework is expanding, contracting, misaligning, vibrating or moving, a RADCOFLEX expansion joint can be installed to restrict or absorb that movement and relieve stresses on the pipework.

The ability to supply in this broad range of materials enables our customers to obtain from one source an expansion joint for their needs whether it is conveying water, steam, gas, air, oil, chemicals, flue gas or dust.

The range compliments each other as each has its advantages for the application for which it has been developed or engineered. A broad outline includes:

Metal Joints – for higher temperatures, corrosive and abrasive industrial applications
Fabric Joints – for low pressure flue duct gas and acid service at moderate temperatures
Rubber Joints – for civil applications such as water supply lines at relatively low temperatures
PTFE – for highly corrosive applications

Pipework movement can generally be described as:
Axial – a longitudinal movement of expansion or contraction
Lateral – an offset movement from the centre line
Angular – an angled rotation of the element in the one plane

Angular motion is in general the least severe of the three and lateral motion is the most severe.

Whilst expansion joints can be engineered to resist torsional loads, they cannot tolerate torsional (twist) movements, nor absorb pressure thrust forces.

Metal Hoses

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A complete range of metal flexible hoses to suit any demanding application.

Flexible metal hoses are used in applications that require a high tolerance to temperature, corrosion and abrasion.

There are two basic types of flexible metal hose: Corrugated and Stripwound. Within each category, RADCOFLEX offers different options to suit your specific needs.

Flexible metal hoses can be braided for high pressure applications and have virtually any type of fitting attached by welding, soldering, brazing, crimping or by mechanical means.

Non Metal Hoses

seismic mounting

A comprehensive range of non-metal flexible hoses to suit a wide variety of demanding application. 

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